Beautiful Vacations

Top spot is Jamaica. It was gorgeous it was like floating on diamond rafts. I pushed through all the tears every morning wondering how something so beautiful is real. Going to the water fall was a delight. There were many fascinating i boasted to all my friends in the thrill of jumping off. I was only a boy but i still remember the warmth of the sun on my face. It was better than any toy or candy could ever be. It made me feel as though i was a King amongst boys.

The Jamaica air was teaming with adventure as i drew in closer to my family i knew this was going to be awesome. The first day we went on a tour of the natures natural beauty. We went into the jungle or at least that is how it felt to me. We learned how panty hose were made and how sugar was processed through sugar cane. The beach glistened like a diamond ring in the sun I knew this place was special. The tropical air put love all around us as I found my own personal girlfriend. She must have been awed by the beauty because it was though there was a spell over us. Being just kids it was a crazy little adventure as the beauty around us made us feel like a grown up. The next day we swam with the dolphins. The little creatures that sang a beautiful hum when told too.

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